about SPR

Information about the recordlabel Synthetic Product Records:


Synthetic Product Records (SPR) was founded in 1990 by Lorenz Macke for releases of the band DE/VISION.

From 1996 to 2007 SPR releases constanly CDs. Most of the bands are not from Germany. The Epopshop mailorder trades mostly CDs form other countries. Beside the worldwide known band DE/VISION, SPR build up also the band MESH, other bands are Colony 5(Sweden), F.A.Q (Switzerland), DJRAM (Russia), Red Flag (USA), Backlash(Sweden), Klockwork(Spain), L’image (Germany) and Lavantgarde (Germany) have also a name in the scene. Newcommer like Ractivate and Kartagon have found in SPR a good platform for their music, because SPR develope bands !

Like the labelname Synthetic… say, SPR works with bands who make synthetic music. The name synthetic music containes several genres like Electro-Pop, Synthie-Pop, EBM, Future Pop, Gothic, Wave, Minimal, Dance , but SPR is not a synonym for a genre , SPR is more for wider audience with a strong platform in the independent scene. That there are no limits concerning sales, show us the chart entry of the DE/VISION CD „Remixed“ in year2002 , massiv radio plays in the normal radio , videorotationens on television, reviews in mainstream / teenymagazines, cooperationens , and a mixed audience at concerts.
SPR build the link between the so called unterground and the overground. Releases who are more than the standard are normal for SPR: Digipacks, Multimedia, Leporello, clear CD’s, 7 Track MCD’s …… SPR is since years connected to the distributor INDIGO. In russia nad Northamerika there are distributionpartner.


Well, everythis is personal taste. Band use to say „Why this band, why not us“. SPR can just give a few bands a chance.

After talks with some artists, parner and other people in the music-business, SPR developped in 2003 the following basics for a deal:

– Bands should have their roots in a certain scene (basis, genre)
– The Band should have the potential and the will, to reach people outsode this this scene (basis).
– More tags are: fan connection, a sense of reality , individualism, high creative output, continuity, initiative, good communication, willing to compromiseschaft and of course: high standard

More about the current situation on SPR English Seite.