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Von Synthetic Product Records sind folgendes Veröffentlichungen als verfügbar:
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Band Release .DE
Stefan Blender
(former De/Vision member)
Sequence II Sequence 2 - EP - Stefan Blender Sequence 2 - EP - Stefan Blender
Lavantgarde Inside Out Inside Out - Lavantgarde Inside Out - Lavantgarde
Lavantgarde Musicment Musicment - Lavantgarde Musicment - Lavantgarde
De/Vision Live 95&96 De / Vision: Live 95 and 96 - De/Vision De / Vision: Live 95 and 96 - De/Vision
De/Vision Remixed Remixed - De/Vision Remixed - De/Vision
De/Vision Zehn (best of) Zehn (Best Of) - De/Vision Zehn (Best Of) - De/Vision
De/Vision Da*Mals Da*Mals (Worst Of) - De/Vision Da*Mals (Worst Of) - De/Vision
De/Vision Antiquity Antiquity - De/Vision Antiquity - De/Vision
Mesh Original 91 to 93 Original 91-93 - Mesh (UK) Original 91-93 - Mesh (UK)
Mesh Fragmente II Fragmente II - Mesh (UK) Fragmente II - Mesh (UK)
Mesh On this tour forever On This Tour Forever - Mesh (UK) On This Tour Forever - Mesh (UK)
Klockwork Collage Collage - Klockwork Collage - Klockwork
FAQ Re-Substitute Re-Substitute - FAQ Re-Substitute - FAQ
FAQ Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - FAQ Self-Fulfilling Prophecy - FAQ
FAQ Them Them - FAQ Them - FAQ
FAQ Carpe Diem Carpe Diem - FAQ Carpe Diem - FAQ
FAQ Is pornography art? Is Pornography Art ? - FAQ Is Pornography Art ? - FAQ
Reactivate ReActivate your mind Reactivate Your Mind (Disc One) - Reactivate Reactivate Your Mind (Disc One) - Reactivate
Point of View Popmusik ** Popmusik - Point Of View Popmusik - Point Of View

** only mp3 distribution deal, released by the band on their own label.

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Band we work(ed) with / we had or have contracs with

Band Webpage Epop-Shoplink
Backlash Schweden Epopshop
Carpe Diem (CH) Schweiz ->renamend to F.A.Q Epopshop
Colony5 Epopshop
Daze (Sachsen)
De/Vision 1988-2003 Epopshop
DJ Ram
FAQ Epopshop
Icon Of coil
Kartagon Epopshop
Klockwork Epopshop
Lavantgarde Epopshop
L’image (Löwenhertz) Epopshop
Mesh Epopshop
New Concept
ReActivate Epopshop
Red Flag Epopshop
Sequence II (Stefan Blender) Epopshop

Labels we had licensed from:

Memento Materia
Tolerance records (Mesh)
A different drum

Labels have we licensed to:

Strange Ways Records
Metropolis Records
A different drum
Memento Materia
Soyus Records

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