Kleefeld Publishing

Edition Kleefeld / Hanseatic in cooperation with Warner/Chappell Music Inc.

Kleefeld Publishing is
– a gate to Warner/Chappell Music Inc.
– a filter,
– a controler and reminder
because this mega-publisher can’t communicate with every band who are co-published by them.

Giving and taking
Individual work by knowing the band, accurate deals for both sides, information and communication, that is the base for a successfull cooperation with Kleefeld Publishing.
Most publisher gives either money OR additional work – We (can) give you both !

Kleefeld Publishing prefers bands and artists, who have their roots in the so called „independent scene“, but who can reach the wide audience by writing songs who are not limited to a certain scene.

Satisfied with the Work of Warner Chappell and through two years of work with Warner as a co-publisher for De/Vision, we came to the result, that it would make sense to build a new company that also cooperates with Warner Chappel.

Through the fact that more and more so called „underground independent music bands“ have a huge potential and that there are some many talents who need support, we created Kleefeld Publishing as a helping hand company.

Kleefeld Publishing usually works with bands and artists whose electronic music includes voices.

Concert during Taubertal Festival 1998
Concert during Frankfurt/Main Fun-Fair 1998
Open-Air concerts in cooperation with Radio-Stations: Hamburg, Dresden, Hoyerswerda, Erfurt, Halle 1998
Videorotation Viva and Onyx with „I regret (Remixed 2003)“

German Viva television with „Not prepared“ 1999
National TV (ZDF) Music Show: Perfomance of „Not prepared“ during Chart Attack 1999

Colony 5:
German television „Giga.tv“ studioguest plus studio performance of „Black“ 2003
Germany television Onyx.TV
national Radioplay for „Fate“ 2004


Band year Mcd or CD Result
DE/VISION Thomas 2000 Mcd „Take“ Sales charts Germany

MESH (& Marc’Oh) 2000 Mcd „Waves“ Sales charts Germany / Videoclip rotation and TV
DE/VISION 2001 MCD „Heart shaped tumor“ Sales charts Germany
DE/VISION 2001 CD „Two“ Sales charts Germany
MESH 2002 CD „Who watches over me“ Sales charts Germany  and Greece
DE/VISION 2003 CD „Devolution“ Sales charts Germany
COLONY 5 2003 MCD „Black“ Video clip rotation and TV appearance
MESH 2003 MCD „Friends like these“ Sales charts Germany
DE/VISION 2004 CD „Remixed“ Sales charts Germany
MESH 2006 MCD „Crash“ Sales charts Germany
MESH 2006 CD „We Collide“ Sales charts Germany
MESH 2006 MCD „My hands are tied“ Sales charts Germany

Publishing Conctracts exist with:
Steffen Keth , Urban Poetry (Thomas Adam ) -> De/Vision
Andy la plegua (Ole anders olsen) -> Icon of coil / Combichrist
Mark Hockings, Richard Silverthorn, Niel Taylor -> Mesh
Frank Lavant + Nicholas Goldsworhy -> Lavantgarde
Band Obscyre
Band Days
Band FAQ
Band Colony5
Band Klockwork
sometimes the complete released music-material is published by Kleefeld/Hanseatic
sometime some releases, so songs
somethimes Kleefeld/Hanseatic is the co-Publisher.

If you want to know about a specific song/release , please contact us.

Current Situation (2011):
Because of changes in the music-scene and changes at Warner/Chappell we hope that other people might help you.