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The author:
Lorenz Macke / Hannover / Germany
end of the 70ies startet to listen to Kraftwerk, detected in 82 the band Depeche Mode through the song „See you“.

1986 Start working for the fanclub of „Die Ärzte“ (German Band) and the official German Depeche Mode Fanclub „BMA“.

1987+1988 Travelled trough Europe visiting Depeche Mode Concerts and his 30 pen friends.
One of this pen-friend was during that time Stefan Blender, who founded the Band „De/Vision“.

1988 work for the Independent Music Magazin „Inquisita“.

1989 Released with 2 other guys a local magazine with event-dates called „Nachtfalter“.

1988 start working for De/Vision until 2003.

First DJ activities in 1989 during the first organised Festival.

1990-1995 Organized with Kai Lotze(now Protain) some „Techno Festvals“ in Hildesheim.

1990-1998 organised some Events in Hannover and counsel a Club.

1991 Established the label Synthetic Product Records.

1991 Start working as a light engineer for other bands. [still active]

1991 Start to book concerts also for other bands like „Die Krupps“, „Spock“ , „Orange Sector“.

1991 Oct 3. organised a huge Depeche Mode Party with over 3000 visitors and had the Idea for the „Dave Dancing“ contest.

1996 Quitt his job because of the record deal with Strange Ways Records.

1996 Start selling CD’s of other bands, most of them from usa, through his own Mailorder. [still active]

1996 Start signing other bands on his label Synthetic Product Records and his publishing company Kleefeld Publishing

1996 Increased DJ activities.

1997 start working for other bands, sometimes hidden in the background [still active]

2002 booked some bands for the LT-Club in Rostock. Several DJ activities in Europe.

2004 start the concept party „Can’t enjoy the silence“ in Hannover: First Livebands, then Depeche Mode Party with a percentage quote for music from DM. [still active]

2004 Counsel several music-clubs in Hannover. [still active]

2005 Start de/creasing record company music activities [still active]

2008 Start DJ-ing constantly in Hannover/Germany [still active]

2013-2015 Moderate the radio-show „Electro-Pop“ on a local Radio-Station.

Summer 2015- 24hours webradio-Channel on www.laut.fm/electropop, stream with newcomer, new releases, taste and style of DJ Lo-Renz [still active]

20.September 2015: Start working on this page and a new Webshop [still active]
26.September 2015 finished first part of building this web-page, some Band-Information will follow in 2016.

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