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Welcome to Synthetic Product Records

this is a record company, we have nothing to do with oil 🙂
You will find here some information about the label and some basic informations about the bands.

Bands that we work(ed) with:
Carpe Diem
Dj Ram / Virtual Server
Red Flag
Compilation Dopamin II

Von Synthetic Product Records ist folgendes verfĂĽgbar / You can buy digital the following releases:
Band Releasename
De/Vision: Antiquity
De/Vision: Zehn (best of)
De/Vision: Live 95&96
De/Vision: Remixed
De/Vision: Devolution Tour Live (until 2013, now only Epopshop)
De/Vision: Pictures of the past (until 2013, now only Epopshop)
De/Vision: Da*Mals
Stefan Blender: Sequence 2 (on CD only in combination with Da*Mals)
Carpe Diem (FAQ): Them, Selffulfilling prophecy, Re-Substitute
FAQ: Is pornography art ?
Lavantgarde: Inside out
Lavantgarde: Musicment (only through Epopshop)
Mesh: On this tour forever
Mesh: Original 91 to 93
Mesh: Fragmente II
Mesh: Fragile (until 30.Sep.2015)
Mesh: In this places forever (until 30.Sep.2015)
Mesh: The point at which it falls apart (until 30.Sep.2015)

ReActivate: ReActivate your mind
There is also a cooperation with the band „Point of View“, they released „Popmusik“ in a digital format through Synthetic Product Records.

You might find there further refers to CDs, mp3, Merchandise and Websites in the Music / mp3 / more Section

You find our „DEMO-Policy“ on the Kontakt Page.