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ArtikelNrPreis €Name
12901318 Summers CD virgin happy
80757red7 CD  Bass state coma
81957red7 MCD  Thinking of you
113910Agonised by love CD All of white hor
8535Backlash CD Impetus
11455Backlash EP Lodestar EP
8525Backlash MCD Blind
121840Beborn Beton CD Tybalt
129113Black Heaven CD obscurity
8265Color theory CD Sketches in grey
140010Destin Fragile Halfway to nowhere CD
108610Fr/Action CD Last man standing
129713Haujobb CD Freme-Reality-Frame
83840information society CD Hack
83930Information society EP Whats on
130013Karl Bartos CD Communication
8185Kliche CD Sky blue
9065Klockwork CD Collage
118310Leiahdorus CD Parallel Universe
141210Loewenhertz Echtzeit CD
183410Loewenhertz Limage CD Musicment
80820Malaise CD 52 ways
8067Malaise Secession EP
9927Moon Rock CD A day like this
8807Moon Rock CD Eclipse of the moon
9887Moonlife CD Across the night
124910ReActivate CD Reactivate your mind second edition
115510ReActivate DoCD Reactivate your mind first edition
115615ReActivate T-Shirt Girlie M
84910Regenerator CD War
9465System22 MCD Illuminate
130113The Dust Of Basement CD Home Coming Heave
97510The echoing green CD The winter of
112615The echoing green CD the winter of D
12135Thermostatic MCD Private Machine
130213Toy CD White Lights lim Edition  plus  4 track
85610Trance Atlantic Crush CD Romantica
9455Virtual Server MCD Fallen
8995Virtual Server MCD Wide Awake
130313Welle Erdball CD Die Wunderwelt der Techn
140110Zoon Politicon CD Black and White Limited 2cd
113710Colony 5 CD Fixed
85510Colony 5 CD Lifeline
118710Colony 5 CD Refixed
118629Colony 5 CD Refixed epopland  plus  lenyard
97210Colony 5 CD Structures
9665Colony 5 MCD Black
8545Colony 5 MCD Colony5
8597Colony 5 MCD Follow your heart
11365Colony 5 MCD Plastic World
9718Colony 5 Tasche Tasche klein Schuhputzset
1175Compilation CD COMP Illuminative
98610Compilation CD Electricity 2
128820Compilation CD Electromagnetic mit devision
8865Compilation CD Heft Lexicon 11
9045Compilation CD Heft Lexikon 18
8205Compilation CD Kobolt
8105Compilation CD Mix rinse and spin 1
8315Compilation CD New Swiss Waves
9487Compilation CD Rise
128720Compilation CD Subout  re-inventyourself
114729Compilation CD Synthphony Remixed 5
11727Compilation CD Synthphony Remixed 6
11107Compilation CD Tanz der Nacht
11075Compilation CD Text und Ton Promo CD
12535Compilation CD VW Sound Foundation mit Dv
121010Compilation DCD ADD X Chapter 1
120670Compilation DCD Elektrisch Vol 1 Ltd plus Bonus
12475Compilation Mix rinse and spin 2 USA Pressung Doppel-CD
90110Count to Infinity CD Once is not
9085Count to Infinty MCD Space age love
129313Dark Voices CD Train Of Thought
9395David Mahr only you MCD
8887Mix rinse and spin 2 Pressung aus Deutschland Compilation Doppel-CD
124540Promo CD Synthetic Product Records
118950Virtual Server DCD Setup limited
8657Virtual Server DoCD Installed
11810De/Vision CD Antiquity limited
15312De/Vision CD Devolution
12235De/Vision CD Fairyland
12135De/Vision CD Fairyland Digipack
1618De/Vision CD Live 2003 LimDigipack left Devolution Tour
14820De/Vision CD Remixed
127040De/Vision CD Remixed  sweden
126940De/Vision CD Remixed  usa
14245De/Vision CD Two
14360De/Vision CD Unplugged
11325De/Vision CD Unversed in love
13760De/Vision CD Void
13410De/Vision CD ZEHN   so called best of 1988 to 1998
123912De/Vision DoCD DaMals  plus  CD  dark edition
125635De/Vision DoCD Devolution with 4trac bonus
1648De/Vision DoCD Live 2003  plus  I regret 2002
110510De/Vision DoCD Live 95-96 fourth edition
14525De/Vision DoCD Live 95-96 second edition
149100De/Vision DoCD Remixed limited
11215De/Vision DoCD Unversed in Love Limited
3145De/Vision Aufkleber Blume
33210De/Vision Aufkleber eckig neues Logo
3085De/Vision Aufkleber Fairyland
3155De/Vision Aufkleber Mond
32025De/Vision Aufkleber rund neues Logo
32710De/Vision Heckscheibenaufkleber 62*12cm
125110De/Vision DVD Pictures of the past Pal Eu-
11087De/Vision Tape Monosex Tape Polen
118010De/Vision Tape Void Tape
122710De/Vision Video Blue Moon Videosingle
12325De/Vision Video CD Fairylive  Video plus Live-CD
11120De/Vision Video CD Live Moments we shared Video plus CD
125915De/Vision CD MCD Devolution Tour Live plus I reg USA
12030De/Vision EP Boy on the street  SPR Edition
1705De/Vision MCD A New Dawn
11510De/Vision MCD Blue Moon
11410De/Vision MCD Blue Moon MCD Digi lim
109100De/Vision MCD Dinner without grace
1688De/Vision MCD Drifting Sideways
111110De/Vision MCD Drifting Sideways-Error
13912De/Vision MCD Freedom
12540De/Vision MCD I regret 1996
1585De/Vision MCD I regret 2002 Digi left
1655De/Vision MCD I regret 2003 Jewelcase right
11010De/Vision MCD Love me again
13125De/Vision MCD Strange Affection
1325De/Vision MCD Strange Affection Remix
12610De/Vision MCD Sweet Life
1275De/Vision MCD We fly   tonight
126125De/Vision CD Fairyland Digipack signed
126225De/Vision CD Fairyland plastic tray signed
1267100De/Vision CD Monosex signed
127780De/Vision CD Void signed
1280100De/Vision CD World Without End signed
125420De/Vision MCD Blue Moon strange ways edition sign
126045De/Vision MCD Dress Me When I Bleed signed
126320De/Vision MCD Freedom  signed
126515De/Vision MCD I regret 1996 signed
126615De/Vision MCD Love Me Again signed
127220De/Vision MCD Strange Affection Remix sign
127115De/Vision MCD Strange Affection signed
127315De/Vision MCD Sweet Life signed
127915De/Vision MCD We Fly Tonight  signed
127820De/Vision MCD We Fly Tonight Remixes signed
128515Green Court Feat DeVision 12 inch Vinyl
128415Green Court Feat DeVision 12 inch vinyl Take   marc dawn
128320Green Court Feat DV MCD Shining
128210Green Court Feat DV Postcard Postcard Shining
14710De/Vision MCD 1 Track
14625De/Vision MCD 4 Track
13812De/Vision MCD Freedom first edtiion
125840De/Vision Promo CD Devolution 90 sec each song
126420De/Vision Promo CD Foreigner 2track  paper box
31730De/Vision Anstecker Anstecker Logo Pfeil Metall Pin
3218De/Vision Anstecker Jackenanstecker Metall Pin
140220De/Vision Backstage Ausweis
32920De/Vision Feuerzeug Feuerzeug
130720De/Vision Kalender (2017) A3
14035De/Vision Konzertkarte
16979De/Vision MCD A new Dawn I regret  Lenyard
3035De/Vision Postkarte Autogramm 2000
3015De/Vision Postkarten Autogramm Set 94 and 95
3315De/Vision Postkarten Autogrammkarte 96
22330De/Vision T-Shirt T-Shirt 2000 L
20530De/Vision T-Shirt T-Shirt 2000 S
140410DeVision 13 Fotos
9245Carpe Diem CD ReSubstitute
91210Carpe Diem CD Self fulfilling prophecy
9075Carpe Diem MCD Them
9585FAQ CD Carpe Diem
11387FAQ CD Is pornography art
121215FAQ Girlie Girlie 69 M
115020FAQ T-Shirt heartbreaker Shirt M
99615FAQ T-Shirt T-Shirt black L
99715FAQ T-Shirt T-Shirt black XL
99995Lavantgarde CD Inside Out
183510Lavantgarde CD Musicment
11815Lavantgarde Lenyard Lenyard
125225Lavantgarde Package CD plus CD  plus  MCD  plus  Lenyard
50615Mesh 12 inch vinyl Not prepared   dance
140713Mesh 12inch Kill your darlings Vinyl limited
120535Mesh CD DVD We Collide LIMITED  CD plus DVD
50210Mesh CD In this place forever
51110Mesh CD On this tour forever  CD only
56310Mesh CD Original 91-93
50810Mesh CD The point at which it falls apart
128920Mesh CD the point at which it falls apart rus
50110Mesh CD US  Fragile CD
51310Mesh DoCD Fragmente 2
505150Mesh MCD Live single 1999
5095Mesh MCD Not prepared
50720Mesh MCD People like me
112930Mesh T-Shirt Girlie Rot s or maybe m
51055Mesh Video CD On this tour forever Video plus CD
94925Red Flag CD Caveat Emptor
80950Red Flag CD Lighthouse
81640Red Flag CD Machines
9235Red Flag CD The Crypt
9055Red Flag CD The eagle and child
8117Red Flag EP EP